Chiaki Nanami like you’ve never seen her before

chiaki nanami
Some of us are used to watch her TV show every Thursday and those great natural pools that she shows us, but today she will spoke to you by written word, so you’re guessing who is my guest and it’s my pleasure to introduce you the 31 years old adventurer Chiaki Nanami from Miami. Me: Chiaki first of all, welcome. I know that you are used to spend most of your time in the nature, but you’re finally here in the city 🙂 Chiaki Nanami: Yes, when I came I was like – where is my sailing boat but then I said “Chiaki I think you should use a car, because it would be weird to people seeing you sailing in the streets”.… Read more

Daith piercing

daith piercing migraine
Let’s start by answering the question: What is a daith piercing? Daith piercing involves a piercing done on the smallest fold of cartilage in the ear at the point of the outer ridge that runs along the top of the ear that connects to your inner ear, right above the ear canal. It is not easy to pierce because it is a small curvy piece of cartilage. Another thing is that it will be hard to change the daith piercing jewelry very often.… Read more

Get to know your body temperature better

feeling sleepy
We already know that the body temperature works and ticks like an internal clock controlling our sleeping cycles. Body temperature also controls the metabolism, circulation and other involuntary activities our body undertakes. We’re not talking about fever, that’s being ill and needs a visit to a doctor or hospital. We’re talking about small increases and decreases in body temperature, which take place several times a day without us realizing it. Variation in body temperature also indicates and induces the feeling of being awake or being tired.… Read more

Useless websites

the useless web
People love taking breaks even at their workplace. The most frequented sites are social media platforms such as Facebook. But did you know there are useless websites that would be better? People know too well what they should be doing instead of being unproductive at work or school but they still spare some time and visit some useless websites to have fun or just to lose time. However, it is by human nature that people get some time out of their busy schedule to go on the internet.… Read more

10 career change myths

career myths
If you dream about having a different career, but don’t act on that dream, you may be operating under the assumption of a career myth. In this article, I expose 10 myths, sayings you’ve heard before that simply are not true. Let’s explore them. Career Myth #1: You can’t make a living doing something you really, truly love This is the grand-daddy of career myths, the belief that you can’t have a “practical” career doing something that you are passionate about.… Read more

How technology has redefined our way of living

connected city
Historians have been unable to find any moment since time in memorial where human civilization reached such a monumental peak with regards to technological advances. We have been climbing up a mountain reach without knowing where the peak is. There’s comfort in that for the overly ambitious and apprehension for the fearful. No matter which side of the spectrum you find yourself on, there’s no denying that technology has inherently redefined our way of life. Let us talk about some of the drastic changes that have occurred within the last half-century or so.… Read more