black german shepherd

While German Shepherd is a common dog in the world, Black German Shepherd is rare and can easily be distinguished from others due to its black coat. Here’s all you need to know about the Black German Shepherd.

The black coat on the Black German Shepherd comes from the dominant and recessive genes. Ideally, the German Shepherd is a mixture of brown and black. However, some carry the recessive black gene and in return, they give birth to a Black German Shepherd. More so, for a Black German Shepherd to be born, both parents must be carriers of the solid black recessive gene which is normally rare.

This has made the Black German Shepherd one of the most sought-after dogs in the world and this automatically translates to its high cost. So, if you are looking forward to owning one, then be ready to spend a fortune. The Black German Shepherd is rare in existence but it’s not very different from the other German Shepherd in terms of physical appearance.

So, what are the similarities and differences between these two breeds?

Black German Shepherd has a number of differences that make it easy for you to distinguish them from the common German Shepherd and they include a black solid color, a bit larger, have a straighter back and a longer coat and at times they have a flowing mane, skirting and feathering. However, the similarities are quite a number and they include a larger masculine body build, a fluffy tail, erect ears, double coat and they are heavy shedders.

Black German Shepherd Personality and Temperament

German Shepherds have records of being aggressive. However, Black German Shepherds are not very aggressive although they are both highly trainable thus making them more aggressive. German Shepherds are usually friendly even to strangers although they are a bit cautious with their choice of friends.

Black German Shepherds are actually easy going and approachable within a family. They are excellent guard dogs due to their protective and loyalty nature. Did you know a dog would need human attention? Well, Black German Shepherds requires attention from their family and companions and this is a special trait that makes them the most qualified candidate to be specially trained and work as service dogs.

The training is not hard since Black German Shepherds are highly trainable and when you pair the training with the need for companionship the results are perfect. This is why many of them have become a helping hand to the blind, deaf, impaired human beings among other needy people.
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