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Usually, when someone has a bidet in their bathrooms, we presume that it’s a sign of luxury. But actually, it has a long history and tradition as the bathroom fixture which originates from the 17th century. “Bidet” is a French word and it means “pony” pointing out to the fact that one straddles a bidet like they would a pony.

This bathroom fixture was an invention of the French furniture makers but there are no details on the name of the inventor. However, the bidet we know today didn’t appear until the 20th century when the American Bidet Company introduced a spray nozzle. This was a moment when bidet was marked a household item and considered a welcoming addition to the bathroom.

1. It doesn’t need much room

Contrary to popular belief, today’s bidets don’t need much space in your bathroom. While they can be separate units and create that luxury we all connect them to, they can also come as seats or attachments. In Japan, they have a practical option with smart bidet which offers adjustable temperature for seats, deodorizing, air dryer and self-cleaning function.

In a way, you may not get that luxurious style in your bathroom, but you will get everything you need from the Japanese modern version. However, if this is too expensive for your budget, you can install a nozzle under your existing seat.

2. They are not messy

You probably noticed that movies like to depict bidets in a comedic manner. A character would get showered by the nozzle spray, but in reality, it’s a completely different case. Bidet seats allow you to adjust the position and pressure of the water, so you definitely wouldn’t get soaked.

Another fact about bidets is that you will spend less toilet paper, meaning that you would decrease the incidents of clogged pipes. This is a really important thing for all of us who had experience with clogged toilets and had to call the plumber in the end.

3. Improved hygienic habits

Some will say that bidets are unsanitary but they couldn’t be more wrong. If anything else, they offer improved hygienic habits that will preserve your health. Using toilet paper is not enough and you can easily get an irritated undercarriage which can really be uncomfortable and even have serious consequences…
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