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The classic version of the slot machines seems to be having a new boom thanks to Random Runner, the best and funniest fruit-based slot game in the virtual games market, this new virtual version of the slot machines that Random Runner offers, besides being able to play it in your favorite pages of games, can be downloaded in different devices.

This game wanted to rescue the identity of classic slots, but giving it the touch of modernity that virtual games require. This version keeps the well-known fruit symbols of the orange, melons, grapes, pears, watermelons, and cherries that combined with the stars and the number 7 offer you prizes. But in this, the symbol “Wild” has been replaced by that of “Scatter” represented by a small crown.
The most innovative feature of the Random Runner and the one that differentiates it from the other online slots games is its double reel that rotates simultaneously and offers you twice as much fun, twice as many winnings and more interesting prizes. It’s like playing two games in one.
You can play base mode where each roll costs 1 credit or play in the top mode for a cost of 4 credits per spin. Winnings from base mode are transferred to Winbank and allow you to play for bonuses and special prizes in top mode.
As far as the combinations are concerned, obtaining a cherry in the first lane of the base game makes the machine automatically generate a self-defense that allows you to earn 4 credits. Fruit symbols with a small star indicate that the bet will be multiplied by 200.
Obtaining 3 crowns from a single roll at any position on the reels allows the bet to multiply by 20.
One of the highest prizes is achieved by combining 3 watermelons, which represents 100 credits. The maximum reward is obtained with 3 stars, which report 300 credits.

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