Judi capsa: a very popular Asian gambling game

Judi capsa is a very popular gambling game. This game is majorly popular in many countries in Asia. Especially in the south eastern countries of Asia, judi capsa is quite popular. This gambling game is played using basic playing cards. Although there are different ways and means to play this game, but almost in every type of judi capsa, the 52 cards deck is being used for playing. This game is being played mostly with 4 players. Sometimes this game is also played with 2 or 8 players.

The main aim or trick of judi capsa is to arrange the 13 cards you get when 4 players are playing and put them into three of the poker hands. Put the two of five cards in one set and one of three cards in the other. This is how you will be able to beat the next corresponding hands of poker which is made by the different other players
In this card game, every player should divide the 13 cards into different sets of “back” hand consisting of 5 cards, one “middle” hand consisting of 5 cards along with one “front” hand consisting of 3 cards. These are called poker hands. Another rule is that the back hand should always be at least a little better than the condition of middle hand. Similarly the middle hand should be at least a little better than the condition of the front hand.

The standard rankings of poker which is used to define the hand types from the top to bottom are respectively, the royal flush, the straight flush, the four of a kind, full house, the flush, the straight, the three of a kind, the two pair, the one pair and finally the High card.
Currently, you can also find judi capsa games in the internet.
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