Ammunition Marking – An effort To Curb Weapons Trafficking

International arms control community has been concerned about ammunition control measures their inclusion in global agreements for quite some times and the efforts were materialized when international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was signed to regulate the trade of conventional weapons. Ammunition marking was one of the most argumentative issues in the debate of this regulation strategy. Let’s see what this marking is and what purpose it serves in weapon regulation?

Ammunition marking- how it helps?
This relates to relevant information marked on each and every unit of cartridge and its packaging for the purpose of its crucial identification. For instance, AR 15 is marked with its complete relevant details.
 This makes easy for any authority to classify the weapon for record-keeping purposes to facilitate its storage, use, transportation, and quality control; and
 This helps in inter-user group transfer of weapons.
The controversy
The identification of weapons in factory sealed packages is no issue, but problem arise once the weapon is unpacked. The making on each and every unit of weapon was core controversial issue in the international debate for its regulation. Both political and economic aspects were responsible for this controversy. The supporters of political aspect viewed it from the perspective of greater market transparency, more state responsibility, and high bureaucratic efforts. The economic aspect supporters viewed from cost perspective. Those who were in favor of marking argued from the perspective of effective worldwide regulation of weapons as they supported traceability as important aspect in the field of ammunition. The solution to this problem is quite complex.
Ammunition marking – an important aspect
If you view this issue from all positive aspects of weapon trade, you will come to know that arms trafficking, especially when you talk of AK 47 for sale, has surged in the recent past which has resulted in increased terrorism globally. Ammunition marking will definitely help to curb global weapon trafficking to some extent, if not possibly will fully eliminate this.
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